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CNN News Coverage:
“The following footage came to us from our affiliates in Tokyo, Japan. I must warn you that what you are about to see is disturbing and as of yet unverified. So, parents, you may want to send those children to bed early….

“What you’re about to see here is video taken at Narita International Airport –Tokyo’s largest commercial airport. This is footage of the long-awaited reunion of Haruko Nakamura with his aunt and uncle.

“Haruko was visiting Hudson City to see his older brother take part in the World Science Expo, when he and his parents were caught in the disaster that occured February 14th.

“Haruko was one of the few survivors found at Ground Zero and had been being treated for injuries in the United States. Tragically, both of his parents were not so lucky and are still counted among the missing.

“Reunited with his family, this was to be a happy –if bittersweet –occasion for the Nakamura’s.”

The Images on the screen show a boy’s tearful reunion with his Aunt and Uncle. His Aunt cries and hugs him tightly, but his uncle remains still, what seems to be a disapproving frown on his face. The man says something in Japanese and the Haruko’s Aunt looks up sharply.
The boy stamps his feet and yells at his uncle, oblivious to the news cameras and crowds around them. His uncle reaches out to him, grabbing his arm and saying something in a clearly stern voice. Haruko yanks his arm out and cries out, tears coming visibly from his eyes.

There are some comments in Japanese in the background from the camera crew and reporter and Haruko’s aunt tries to console him, but the boy just cries more and yells louder. Things appear to escalate and soon airport security is drawn into the picture, trying to calm things down while the boy has to be visibly restrained to prevent him lunging at his uncle.

What happens next is almost unbelievable. Haruko’s cries become roars and grow in volume while the security guards try to restrain him. The boy flails about in grief and rage and a wet, ripping sound can be heard accompanied by a deeper, more menacing sound.
Suddenly cries of alarm can be heard and the camera grows unsteady, shaking and showing confusing images. Haruko’s aunt screaming; blood misting into the air; panicked security guard’s faces; and the boy himself, his jacket and clothes shredding as his body seems to turn itself inside out.

There is a deafening roar and crash and the camera steadies itself just in time to catch a glimpse of Haruko, hunched over. Blood and bone tear from his skin and everyone around him panics and begins running. A lone security guard reaches out to grab the boy only to be flung aside like a ragdoll. The hand that hits the guard is greatly out of proportion and greyish in colour.

“What you see here is nothing less than astounding! Chaos enveloped Narita International Airport and outside security cameras caught still more disturbing images.”
Video of a grey, hulking creature slamming aside cars is seen, a crumbling wall of concrete in the background. The footage shows the creature lashing out and killing several people before being fired upon by security forces.

The creature grabs a car and throws it at the security guards who scatter before it begins running northward. Within moments it is off camera but not before it is caught leaping into the air.
“There has been no official word from Japan regarding the incident; however dozens of YouTube videos, online chat rooms, Facebook images and other reports are saying that the boy, Haruko Nakamura literally erupted in front of everyone. Somehow transforming into a hulking beast that went on a rampage through the airport and out into the city streets…”

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